By tracking chemical inventory, you’ll know when detergent is running low and can order more before you run out. As you scale up the amount of inventory will also greater, this frees you up to focus on other aspects of running your laundromat.


Chemical Stocks Setting

1. To get started, go to Chemical Stock Setting under Others tab.

2. Add chemical type (Detergent and others) by click on , then the form will pop up as shown below:

Freely type your chemical name, description and cost for each unit.

3. Then assign the created chemical type to outlets by click on button.


Chemical Stock In & Out

Report will show data in each day format within selected month, and will always be updated at 12 a.m. The data consist of stock in, stock out, stock balance and also remarks.

1. To check this out, go to Chemical Stock under Browsable Reports tab.

2. Select specific outlet from the list.

3. Choose any month you want to check, then the data will display directly.


Chemical Balance Report

This report will show all outlets with associated chemical type and its Quantity (Input Stock), Unit Price (Cost) and
Total Amount.

1. To get this report, go to Chemical Balance Report under Browsable Report tab.

2. Chemical Balance Report will display in daily basis, here you just need to select desired date and the report will automatically shown.

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