Operator Page

1. To get started, go to Drop & Go Settings under Others.

2. Adjust your price strategy as shown below.


  • Washer price is the total amount user need to pay.
  • Machine amount means the amount needed to start the machine.
  • Dryer margin is extra fee that will be applied on normal price setting.
  • Adjust the price for all your available machines size.

3. Clink on  then, assign the price for your specific outlet by click on and .


Staff Page

1. In staff’s page, you are able to see the list of orders.

2. Select either Available Task to view list of orders, or Completed Task to check the orders have been done.

  • Available tasks appear in two colours:

          – Orange box indicates the task is half done, either washing, drying, or folding.

          – Black box indicates that the entire task has not yet started.

  • Completed task will only displays the finished task.

3. Staff capture the number from the task list and write down in sticker then stick on plastic bag.

4. Execute each tasks.

  • Dryer can turn on machine with specific amount.
  • Washer can turn on with specific amount based on temperature.

5. Complete the folding task.

6. Notify customer for collection.

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