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There are more settings are available to change in the hamburger menu. By clicking it the user will be able to access to Account, FAQs, and feedback. Below are some basic go through about the functions in hamburger menu.

Main menu Page

This is the main menu page of the laundro loyalty.

Figure 1: The main menu page of Laundro Loyalty.

Hamburger Menu

While you clicking the hamburger menu, it will pop up a mini window. Currently, there are only 3 functions in the hamburger menu, which are Account, FAQs, Feedback.

Figure 2: The Hameburger menu of Laundro Loyalty.


By clicking the Account bar from the hamburger menu, it will lead the user to the profile setting page, this page is to let the user change their profile name, email, and password.

Figure 3: The Profile Page of Laundro Loyalty.
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