Remote Activation

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Remote Activation

This feature allows users to remotely control and make payment for washer, dryer and vending machine.

Select an outlet for remotely controlling a machine from the selected outlet.

Figure 1: The Navigation of Remote Activation. 
Figure 1: The Navigation of Remote Activation.


Machine Selection

Figure 2: The Lists of Washer, Dryer and Vending Machines’ Activities.

There are 4 lists of machines which are washer, dryer, vending and bill acceptor.

These lists show the current mode and activity of each machine such as online or offline and idle or running.

Users can select any idle machine from the list for remote activation.


Manual Remote Activation

After selecting a machine, a manual activation box is prompted to enter an amount of money and certain notes for remarks.

Then click Pay to activate the selected machine.

Figure 3: The Manual Activation Box.
Figure 3: The Manual Activation Box.


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