Setting Up Campaign (Promotion)

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Setting Up Campaign (Promotion)

Campaign is known as promotion as well. Laundro’s user can select any outlet to start a campaign with desired discount price and percentage. The discounted price is only applicable for E-payment.

At sidebar menu click Others, then click Promotion Setting.

Figure 1: The Navigation for Setting.



Select Duration of Campaign and Set Up Price

Figure 2:
Setting Up Campaign.

Red box: Select the start and end date of the campaign.

Orange box: Set up the amount of money to be discounted and it will be discounted in every temperature run.

Green box: Choose discount by either flat rate or percentage, means all temperature runs of washer have the same flat price during the promotion campaign.

Yellow box: Set up the percentage of price to be discounted.

Click Submit after selecting the dates and inserting the desired discount price and percentage.






Checking Promotion Ongoing or Expired

on going promotion title
Figure 3: Purple Title when Campaign or Promotion is Ongoing.
expired promotion title
Figure 4: Orange Title when Campaign or Promotion has been Expired.

Purple and orange title box will be shown when campaign or promotion is ongoing and expired respectively.

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