It’s all about Digitalising your Laundromats

Having a hard time managing your laundromat? Never have a clear view on the machine performance or sales? Wish the business went cashless? It has never been so easy to digitalise your business using our technology. Try Laundro, the leading Laundromat Management System now and contact us today!

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About theLaundro

theLaundro is an advance laundromat management system. It is designed to allow laundromat business owner to have better overview on their finger tips.

User Friendly

theLaundro allow multiple platform such as computer and mobile. Our priority technology enable real time update on the sales and performance of your business.

Reliable and Secure

As reliability and security has always been our top priority. theLaundro have been undergo vigourous testing process. This has built the confident by multiple clients.


theLaundro enable visualisation of the most important data. It allows you to make faster decision and clearer overview of business at real time.

  • Remote Activation

    You can make payment to your customer remotely through mobile or web anywhere anytime.

  • Maintainance Log

    Document all the past maintainance at one place for your reference.

  • Live Status

    Know your machine status real time and check on its utilisation time till date.

  • Audit and Testing

    You can start auditing process anytime with our ready features.

  • Alternative Payment

    Support multiple payment method such as Ewallet, card and mobile on top of your existing coin system.

  • Sales Tracking

    Track every sales that you have made anytime.

  • Chemical level Status

    Know your current detergent or softeren reservoir level.

  • Loyalty program

    Loyalty program can done for regular customers by giving reward to them.

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Why theLaundro?

Check out some of the writings on how theLaundro helps?

How theLaundro helps self-service laundromats' owner?

theLaundro have manage to deliver a number of benefits to the business owner. It targets three primary area of pain - namely customers, machines and payment.

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Why theLaundro is your best choice?

Understand why theLaundro will your best choice for your business. theLaundro come with Alpha device allow easy installation and wireless system.

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Screenshot within theLaundro

You can easily manage your laundry shops using our web app in your phone.


Our Product

We offer multiple product which complement each other to provide your customers the best experience.


Centralised payment platform

  • Support Card payment
  • Support E-wallet payment
  • Space for adverstisement
  • Reduce Vandalism
  • User-friendly interface
  • Live Machine status
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Mobile Application

Allow customise interface to suit your brand

  • FPX top-up
  • Live machine status
  • Cycle completion notification
  • Loyalty program
  • User-friendly interface
  • Unlimited user registration
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Management Unit

Suitable for monitoring and auditing

  • Dashboard for outlet performance
  • Multiple report available
  • Remote activation
  • Notes Machine tracking
  • Vending Machine tracking
  • Role management
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Listen to what our customers said about us!

Otouch - Kelvin

Laundro enable us to accept payment by Ewallet, which is a whole new experience to our customer. Traditionally, payment can only be accepted either in token or cash. Now customer no longer need to carry a lot of small change to do laundry. This is one step forward on going digital in laundry industry.

DobiDoo - Steven

It provide us auto-closing feature which reduce a lot of our manual handling work. This allows us to focus more on serving our client better.

BubbleLaundrette - Lau

Now I don't have to worry about token refill and cash collection so often. It's absolutely the complete laundromat management system that I am looking for.

Cuci Express

The E-wallet system has been very helpful to my business in many ways. James and Han Zhong are very responsive towards our needs in the system. They go miles into making sure system running well. They have done very job and I am a very happy customer.

Wash Studio - Deric

The e-Wallet & monitoring system provided by Antlysis Design is very effective and efficient. We're currently using it for our entire Wash Studio franchise network. Antlysis Design team is very professional and able to tailor to our business needs. Their professionalism include their patience in trying to understand our business needs and ability to come up with practical solutions both in terms of pricing as well as user-friendliness. I'm especially amazed with their dedication and commitment to making sure that everything runs smoothly and their fast turnaround time to solve any issues arising from the System. Within a very short time; I've to admit that they've managed to gain our trust and loyalty towards their products and services.

O2Wash - Jasli

O2Wash started its 24 hours coins laundry system since April 2016. As normal laundry operator, it is our duty to ensure the availability of coins, machines, gas and chemicals (detergent and softener) to support the business operations. All these monitoring have to be performed on daily basis on manual. In July 2019, we were approached by Antlysis Sdn Bhd to discuss the digital Laundry Operation. This is where the O2Wash Digital Laundry journey started. We were very impressed with the solution base and working together to improvise the platform from sharing to white-label platform under co-branding O2Laundro. With the implementation of O2Laundro way back in July 2019, we have realized the followings: Full Optimize the monetization of under performing machines by introducing Happy-Hour Campaign, Full Remote Operation Support whenever customer facing coins operation incidents. Monitor the sales performance of the machines and reduce the manual coins collection on which reduce the risk of safety. Better overall view of machine performance for machine maintenance purposes. Continuous business operations whenever coins vending machines is out of order. Pure digital transformation with positive outcome with 80% sales generated from ePayment transactions


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