Loyalty Admin – Dashboard

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Loyalty Admin – Dashboard

Loyalty Admin front page

Dashboard are summarizing a total of five items. Which are Total Users Registered, Total Active Outlets, Total Vouchers Given, Total Transaction Counts, Total User Stamps Collected.

(*Kindly note, dashboard summary does not navigate you to any pages, it just let the admin to know the summarize results.)

Total Users Registered

  • The total registered user that still active and successful verify their OTP on the system.
(*Admin does not consider as users unless they registered themselves as a user.)

Total Active Outlets

  • The total outlet that currently active on the moment.

Total Vouchers Given

  • The total of the vouchers given by the admin to the customers.

Total Transaction Counts

  • Total number of transactions made by all the outlet without the amount.

Total User Stamps Collected

  • The total number of the stamps collected by all the users.
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