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Voucher Settings

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Welcome gift, stamp collection, birthday voucher to attract more customers. Describe your offered voucher. Freely set all vouchers amount, either by Flat (- RM) or Rate (- %).

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  • Separated Stamping = Different washer and dryer stamp collection. (example: Using Washer will gain 1 washer’s stamp, and Dryer will gain 1 dryer stamp).
  • Combined Stamping = Washer and dryer has the same collection. (example: Using Washer or Dryer will gain 1 stamp).
  • Pay and get voucher = If ticked, the user only can get/use the voucher after make a transaction.
  • Eligibility = If ticked, the system will give voucher to user who completed registration process.
  • Expiry = If ticked, the voucher will have expired date.
  • Washer = If ticked, the voucher can apply to washer machine transaction.
  • Dryer = If ticked, the voucher can apply to dryer machine transaction.
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