New features in 2021 for Laundro – Laundromat Management System

2020 have been a tough year for everyone in the industries but Laundro never stop its improvement. Check out new features released in Laundro:

Dynamic Report

First new features is Dynamic report or browsable report which will ease your search of data in your massive report, we have created dynamic report features in Laundro. As your data grow, it become harder and harder to work on your report. Hearing your request, we have come out the dynamic report with multi-format download option. You can even search the content of the table. Flexible time range to provide you with insight on data within particular time frame.

dynamic report
The picture shows how the dynamic report is displayed in Laundro.

Your Digital Assistance

Our second new features for Laundro is your virtual digital assistance. It allows to share your promotion easier with our digital assistance and collect feedback from your customers. The best things are all of these will be recorded and synchronised with your Laundro dashboard.

Q&A management on dashboard
Q&A management on Laundro dashboard

In your outlet, all you need to do is just print out a QR code for your customers to scan and obtain all the information as well as submit their feedback. Such features will certainly increase your business productivity.

FAQ on your virtual DA
FAQ on your virtual Digital Assistance

Feedback form on your virtual Digital Assistance
Feedback form on your virtual Digital Assistance

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