Chemical Monitoring

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Chemical Monitoring

This feature allows users to monitor the outlet’s detergent and softener level in real time.

Select an outlet and a year to monitor the detergent and softener level of the selected outlet in real time.

Real Time Chemical Liquid Level

real time detergent and softener level.
Figure 2: The Real Time Detergent and Softener Level.

After selecting an outlet from the navigation tab, detergent (left) and softener (right) level of selected outlet are shown in real time and percentage.

Daily Chemical Level in Selected Month

daily detergent and softener level of selected outlet
Figure 3: The Daily Detergent and Softener Level of Selected Outlet in Selected Month.

A line graph of daily chemical levels is shown with levels in centimeter.

Red box: Users can display or hide the detergent or softener level in the line graph.

Green box: Users can select any month within the selected year.

Hourly Chemical Level in Selected Outlet

hourly chemical level is shown in line graph
Figure 4: The Hourly Chemical Level is shown in Line Graph.

The line graph shows the hourly chemical level with level in centimeter where indigo and yellow line represent detergent and softener respectively.

Red box: Users can select any date within the selected year.

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