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main dashboard
Figure 1: Main Dashboard.

Once logging in account successfully, the summary dashboard will be shown as default and a brief summary of your laundry outlet such as,

  1. Outlet Server Activity. The status of activity, earning and operated hours in specific outlet during the current year.

  2. Machine Performance. The numbers of idle, running and offline machines.

  3. Total Annual Earning. The amount of total annual earning and a bar chart of earning during each month.

  4. Sales Made Today. The total sales made today from different outlet with different payments such as coins, E-payments and manual.

  5. Sales by Machines. The total sales made by different machines such as washer, dryer and vending.

  6. Total annual Usage. A pie chart of total annual usage of washer, dryer and idle machines.

  7. Detergent Level Monitoring. The level of detergent in the outlet.

  8. Softener Level Monitoring. The level of softener in the outlet.

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