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Voucher Redemption Page
Figure 3.4a Voucher Redemption Page

Once the admin clicks on the voucher redemption from Figure 3a, it will redirect the admin to the voucher redemption page. The role of voucher redemption page is to let the admin to see the details of voucher used by the customers. The details will be displayed as in User Name, Number, Amount, Grant Date, Claim Date, Status, Voucher Type.

By using the function of Select Date, admin will be able to filter (Blue Button) the results they want. There is also a reset button (Grey Button) that can let the admin to reset their filters.

Table ItemsDescription
Grant DateThis column shows the voucher date that grant by the customer.
Claim DateThis column shows the voucher date that used by the customer.
StatusThis column shows that if the voucher used or still available.
Voucher TypeThis column shows that the type of the voucher. There are total of 4 types – Register, Birthday, Stamp, Giveaway.
Table 1 describe table items in Voucher Redemption page

Select Date

Select Date
Figure 3.4.1a Select Date

Once the admin clicks on the “ “from Figure 3.4a, it will show a pop-up a calendar to let the admin to choose a specific date to see user usually claim their voucher on which day.

Show entries

Show entries
Figure 3.4.2a Show entries

Once the admin clicks on the “10“from Figure 3.4a, it will show a pop-up a list of entries of user data that can view by the admin. For example, if admin chooses 20 entries and the user data will be limited to 20 per page.

Search Bar

Search Bar
Figure 3.4.3a Search Bar

Once the admin type specific user name on the search bar the result will be filtered through it. There is an example showed above. If the admin type “Fung” and the results will be filtered out

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