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While you scanned the QR code they will be redirected you to the Laundro loyalty Login Page. Below are the basic flow and go-through for your first-time experience of registering your account.

Login Page

Let user to login Insert your username or email and password, then click Login to start logging

Figure 1: The Login page of Laundro Loyalty.

Create Account

After clicking Don’t have an account? from Figure 1, it will navigate the user to the register page. The user must fill in all the columns to proceed to the next page.

*Please be informed, spamming the send code button multiple times may cause multiple orders. Please wait patiently for it to proceed. 😊

Figure 2: The Create Account page of Laundro Loyalty.

OTP Confirmation

After clicking SEND CODE from Figure 2, there will a displaying one more OTP text input to let the user type in their OTP. Users can also request a new code by clicking the RESEND CODE every 60 seconds.

Figure 3: The Otp Confirmation of Create Account Page.

Register error

If the user tries to register directly from the link, there will be a pop-up box to warn the user to continue to proceed.

Figure 4: Register error pop-up box

Forgot Account

After clicking Forgot password? from Figure 1 , there will be a pop-up box to let the user confirm if he has really forgotten his password and want to have a new temporary password.

*It should be noted, if you have lost your mobile phone, please contact us immediately before any losses happened.

Figure 4: Forgot Account pop-up box

Reset Password

After clicking Confirm button from Figure 4, it will pop up another box to let the user enter their phone number to get the temporary password and the temporary password will be sent to their phone number through SMS.

*Kindly note, if you don’t have an account, please do not try to spam through this pop-up box, the system will still not let you surpass it.

Figure 5: Reset Password pop-up box
After you register and login successful you will be redirect to the payment page.
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