Machine Logging

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Machine Logging

This feature helps to ease users to track and record of their machines’ issues and maintenance.

list outlet and machines
Figure 1: Lists of Outlets and Machines.

Red box: Select a desired outlet.

Green box: Select a desired machine to review its issues and maintenances record in following section.

review record
Figure 2: Reviewing Machine Issues and Maintenance Work Record.

Purple box: Select machine issues or maintenance work record of the selected machine.

Orange box: Add a new record of selected type record.

Yellow box: Edit or delete the specific record of selected type record.

Add A New Record

After clicking Orange box of Figure 2, a box is prompted to allow users insert the title, date, time, description and photos of the record.

create record form
Figure 3: Creating New Record.

Edit or Delete Record

After clicking either button in the Yellow box of Figure 2, a box is prompted for editing and deleting the record as well.

For editing a record, it is the same procedure as adding a new procedure; for deleting a record, a warning box will be prompted as a double confirmation before deleting.

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