Browsable Reports

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Browsable Reports

Users able to download excel of any reports from this feature.

Figure 1: The Navigation of Browsable Reports.


Select type of record to download based on the selected date. Each selection indicates specific report; 

  1. Transaction record; The purpose is to track the start time and verify the machine run time for each transaction.
  2. Sales Summary; Displays total amount by machine type and payment method.
  3. Epayment Record; This report contains information about token, e-wallet, and FPX payments. It can be used to determine the status of epayment transactions based on transaction IDs.
  4. Record of Manual Pay; Providing refund transaction data.
  5. Bill Record; Will display a summary of the coins deducted (requires Bill Acceptor).
  6. Machine Sales Transactions; Enables you to track daily sales of individual machines.
  7. Hourly Sales Transaction; By examining the sales summary for each hour, you may determine when is peak hour.
  8. Sales by Machine Type; a summary report on machine type, classified by payment mode (coin, epayment, manual, and total discount).
In Figure 2, orange box aims to load record of selected date, outlet and payment method to download the reports. Then in order to download report in excel, users can click on Green box.

Figure 2: List of Payment Method 
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