Technology makes everything in our lives more convenient, including the management and use of multi-unit laundry rooms. Equipped with modern facilities in the laundry room, such as online monitoring via smartphones and credit card payment systems, will bring value to your property and make your property stand out from the competition. As an owner or manager, introducing an automation system into your laundry room will save you time and money, and reduce the pressure on laundry room operations. In this blog post, we will show you how to introduce technology into a multi-unit laundry room and turn it into a profitable property facility that is easy to manage.

Remote management

Install Antlysis Design’s e-wallet system in the laundry room, which enables you to manage cash and collections, provide instant customer service, configure automatic vending prices, implement marketing plans, run sales reports, and monitor equipment status-all of which can be from you The location is performed in real-time and remotely on a smartphone or laptop! With web-based management, it means that access to your e-wallet system is straightforward and can be executed through any web browser so that you can manage your laundry room anytime, anywhere. With an electronic wallet, you can accept cash payments and solve problems without having to go there in person. If the tenant or guest’s machine has a problem, you just need to log in to their account and refund.

E-wallet and coin audit

Using an e-wallet in the laundry room allows you to review the sales of coins and e-wallets on any particular machine. This not only allows you to track the success of credit card sales but also monitor the number of coins in each machine. You can configure your e-wallet to send you email notifications when the coin box reaches capacity so that emails are collected only when needed. If you have someone else collect coins for you, you will receive an email notification that details the status of the coins collected from each machine after your collector is completed. Reducing the cash in the machine can reduce theft, and you can always know how much money is in the laundry room. E-wallet is not only an e-wallet payment system, it introduces a total solution for running a laundry room.

Smartphone application

Residents hope efficiently laundry as soon as possible. The use of electronic wallet, laundry card system to make your laundry is very convenient, your customers do not have to spend a lot of time in the laundry, but you can easily adapt to a busy work schedule. Smartphone plays an integral role in our lives, the electronic wallet containing smartphone applications for today’s latest equipment. Through its smartphone, your customers will be able to create an account, add value, check machine availability, request cycle completion notification, or even start the machine! You no longer need to unnecessary residents to check the status of laundry machines, do nothing and wait for the cycle to complete their hours or risk losing clothes.

The Antlysis Design system will provide you with the technical tools to create a modern laundry room. This is a valuable business, easy to manage, and can meet the needs of residents and guests. Our electronic wallet system is very suitable for multi-housing applications such as apartment buildings, hotels, apartment buildings and residential buildings. If you are an owner or manager and want to make the most of laundry facilities, please feel free to contact us to learn more about our e-wallet payment solution and how to invest in technology to further laundry!

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