A cashless laundry solution using QR code digitizes the payment process, offering convenience to both laundromat owners and customers. A Quick Response (QR) code is a two-dimensional barcode that can be scanned by a smartphone camera or a QR code scanner to quickly access information, websites, apps, and perform various actions. QR codes were first developed in 1994 by a Japanese company called Denso Wave, and their use has since become widespread due to their convenience and versatility.

  1. Boost Customer Convenience

Users who have a well-integrated payment system can pay straight through the app, eliminating the hassle of managing cash or credit card transactions. Payments with QR codes streamline transactions for both clients and merchants. Consumers no longer need to carry physical cash or credit cards because they can easily scan a QR code with their devices.

Customers may conveniently utilise credit cards, mobile banking apps, and even e-wallet options with our smooth and intuitive payment systems. With our technology, you can forget about carrying tokens or fumbling for change—every transaction will be easy and hassle-free.

  1. Security

Laundro places a high priority on security, which is essential to any payment system. Security can be improved with QR code payments. Compared to conventional card-based payments, they can be made to transport encrypted information that is challenging to intercept or alter, lowering the risk of fraud.

Modern encryption and security methods are used by our payment system to protect financial and consumer data. Because your customers’ transactions are secure, you can be confident that they will trust and stick with your washing business.

  1. Cost-Effective for Businesses

Compared to installing and maintaining standard card payment infrastructure, QR code payment systems may be more affordable for businesses. This is especially important for small firms, as maintaining and acquiring card payment terminals can be costly for them. Compared to cash-handling infrastructure, digital payment systems often have cheaper maintenance expenses beyond the initial setup expenditures.

Human mistake occurs frequently in cash transactions when counting and administering change. These mistakes are reduced with digital transactions. This approach provides enhanced mechanisms for detecting and preventing fraud, which might drastically cut down on financial losses brought on by such crimes.

  1. Effect on the Environment

E-wallet apps help to promote a more environmentally responsible and sustainable way of handling finances by doing away with the need for paper bills and tangible receipts. The fact that e-wallets contribute significantly to the promotion of sustainability and an environmentally friendly approach to finance is one of their greatest benefits. They accomplish this, in part, by doing away with the necessity of paper invoices and tangible receipts.

Paper bills and receipts are frequently generated during traditional financial transactions, which adds to waste, energy use, and deforestation. E-wallet apps digitise these procedures by enabling users to pay online, track expenses electronically, and get and retain digital receipts.

By doing this, the carbon footprint caused by producing, delivering, and keeping physical papers is reduced. Furthermore, by reducing the need for cash, e-wallets minimise the manufacturing and circulation of physical currency, lowering the environmental effect associated with minting coins and printing banknotes.

  1. Rewards and Cashback

Numerous companies have released their own smartphone apps, including built-in QR code payment functionality. A recent study found that 82.4% of customers shop more from stores with some form of reward program. As a result, they may incorporate loyalty plans, special offers, and other incentives into the payment process, giving customers a more smooth and interesting experience. Customers can save a lot of money over time by using the advantages, discounts, or points they obtain for their purchases. Among the best features of e-wallets are rewards and cashback schemes, which can be especially helpful for users, including students. These incentives are provided by numerous e-wallet apps in an effort to attract and keep users.

To draw in additional clients, Laundro is also providing some marketing features such as voucher code, birthday discount and collectible stamp. These benefits of e-wallets can eventually result in significant savings and even free or heavily discounted items. For students, who sometimes have tight finances, this can have a big impact on their financial security. The benefits of these rewards and cashback programs, which include discounts on meals and cashback on textbook purchases, increase the overall value of using e-wallet apps.

  1. Future-Ready Innovation

Technology and humanity are in a constant state of evolution. Laundro is dedicated to being on the cutting edge of the ever-evolving world of online payments. Trust us to incorporate any new payment methods into your laundry service without any hassle, so that you always have access to the most modern and flexible methods of accepting customer payments.

Embrace the power of effortless transactions with Laundro’s innovative payment system. Improve your laundromat’s efficiency, safety, and earnings potential with minimal work. Learn firsthand how your customers and bottom line may benefit from intuitive interfaces and adaptable services. Maintain a technological edge and distinguish yourself apart from rival laundromats by implementing forward-thinking innovations.

Is it safe to top up e-token?


Laundro keep the e-token system updated with the latest security patches and measures to mitigate newly identified threats and ensure compliance with industry standards. By using encryption and secure storage, we ensure that all sensitive information related to e-tokens, including user accounts and transactions, is encrypted to prevent unauthorized access. Implement secure storage practices for user data, such as using encrypted databases and tokenization methods. Other than that, Laundro collaborate with trusted payment gateways or technology partners that adhere to strict security standards, known as Revenue Monster.

We guarantee timely and efficient customer support services in order to promptly address and resolve any security concerns or issues that have been reported by users. In the event that you encounter any challenges pertaining to our system, please feel free to promptly reach out to us at the email address provided.

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