Laundro 2.0 was launched today. It’s smaller and faster with its new system architecture which connects directly to the cloud. Being a market leader in coin laundry / laundromat management systems, theLaundro takes pride in continuous improvement to provide our customers the next level of coin laundry.  How should we develop new version of an existing Laundro? This may question the Laundro team when creating Laundro 2.0. There must be some weaknesses, and maybe sometimes your customers complain or ask for changes to your product. However, is the decision to make a new version of Laundro worth the process? Let’s see what the abilities of Laundro 2.0 are!

1. Direct to cloud

To explain the new version, we need to know about Laundro before! Basically all Laundro 1.0 machines are connected to a mini server in the outlet, then you have to wait for the server to collect data until midnight before sending it to your cloud. This is very time consuming and makes users wait longer to find out the sales situation that day. Worry not, Laundro 2.0 digitises coin laundry you’ve ever dreamed of! We have developed a data update process, where gives you the ability to check new data in minutes. Without a mini server, it also means it becomes cheaper for coin laundry’s owner.

2.  Consume less data

By adopting a new IoT protocol, we are able to see a 90% reduction in network data consumption, this is largely due to our increase in information density for each payload message. A cloud messaging computing system to achieve the next level of coin laundry without a mini server like I mentioned before. The MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) protocol can keep a connection open for as long as possible, sending only a single data packet. Unlike HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) communication, which requires you to open and close a connection (including TCP) for every data packet you want to send, you can significantly reduce CPU usage.

3.  Smaller sized

Your outlet is going to look more neat with smaller size of our Laundro 2.0. The size has reduced more than 600% which allows the users to secure and transport the parts easily. This miniaturisation of Laundro devices happens with our continuous research and development which in the end result in greater speed, efficiency, power, and decreased weight.

4.  Easier to install 

Easier means faster, who agrees with me here? Why is it important to include in the new version? We are always looking for ways to work efficiently at the same time effectively, and with all the changes mentioned before it will enhance our installation process which is easier for sure. Our staff can also set up outlets faster and allow us to provide you with better service quality. Whether you want to open outlets in a short time, or plan to expand your business to more outlets, contact us now to discuss further!

5.  New feature with faster site load

Save the best for the last, we include new features in the Laundro 2.0. Your sites have more roles to access, the newest version enables you to know more about your client level users and distributor level users. While having new features, we also have improved the site making sure it works faster so as your business productivity.

Don’t hesitate to contact our team, we’ll be happy to help you find out more about Laundro 2.0 before experiencing it yourself!

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