User manual go through – Hamburger Menu

There are more settings are available to change in the hamburger menu. By clicking it the user will be able to access to Account, FAQs, and feedback. Below are some basic go through about the functions in hamburger menu. Main Menu Page Figure 1: The main menu page of Laundro Loyalty. Hamburger Menu While you […]

User Manual go through – Navigation Bar

While you finished your payment, you will be redirected to the main menu page. In there you will found out most of the functions are unlocked to you. Below is having a basic go-through about the functionalities and the use of each page in the navigation bar. Main Menu Page Figure 1: The main menu […]

User manual go through – Payment

While you finished your register and successful login you will be straightly redirected to the payment page with the machine details. Please make sure the machine details are matched to your current machine only then you can proceed to the next step. Payment Page After the user login successfully by using the QR code, the […]

User manual go through – Register and Login

While you scanned the QR code they will be redirected you to the Laundro Loyalty Landing Page. Below are the basic flow and go-through for your first-time experience of registering your account. Landing Page On the top left corner, user can change the site language to be English, Malay or Chinese. User have to choose […]