Machine Monitoring

Machine Monitoring is preventing the non-sales data is made and transfer to cloud server during the maintenance of the machine. Go to Others then Machine Monitor, select the desired outlet and the webpage will show 3 lists of machines which are categorized into washer, dryer and vending. Figure 1: The Navigation of Machine Monitor. Start […]

Inventory Management

Inventory Management is design to make users be assured knowing how many coins are in the bill acceptor and vending machine. Collecting coins will be simplified as a result. Reset/Refill Tokens Reset is change the whole value of the balance to a new value (normally is used when user recount the total token in the […]

Machine CutOff

Machine CutOff is designed for auditing purpose of matching the manual coin counting versus coin counting done by Alpha-1 within the matched duration. Go to Others then Machine Cutoff, select a desired outlet to cut off a group of machines. The webpage will show different groups of machines that users have set. Figure 1: The […]

Price Settings and Adjustments

This is done after the machine pricing has been programmed in the machine. It ensures machines’ prices corresponding to the prices of Laundro and E-payment. Figure 1: The Navigation of Price Setting. Go to Others then Price Setting, select a desired outlet to make price changes.   Price Adjustment Figure 2: The Price Adjustment of Washer […]

Setting Up Campaign (Promotion)

Campaign is known as promotion as well. Laundro’s user can select any outlet to start a campaign with desired discount price and percentage. The discounted price is only applicable for E-payment. At sidebar menu click Others, then click Promotion Setting. Figure 1: The Navigation for Setting.     Select Duration of Campaign and Set Up […]

Single Review Mode

This feature helps Laundro’s users to review one single outlet’s sales performance, machine utilization and remote activation without comparing to other outlets. To access this feature, users can select any outlet (red box) in sub section, outlet server activity in annual overall sales performance, machine utilization and server status. The Pattern of Navigation Tab during […]

QR Codes

All machines have their individual QR codes and this allow clients scan them and use E-payment. Figure 1: The Navigation for Profile. At the top right of the webpage, and click the button (red box indicated), then click Setting (green box indicated).Figure 2: List of Devices of the Selected Outlets. Users can download a single QR code of a selected […]