Beyond the obvious changes — such as how we work, shop, and socialize — the coronavirus outbreak has made us hyper-aware of our personal hygiene habits. We’ve begun to consider it in all areas of life because, as we’ve learned, cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and objects seem to be one of our best tools in combating viruses and slowing the spread of coronavirus.

That’s why as the world opens back up and returns to a “new normal,” sanitation and cleanliness must be a point of concern in all aspects of everyday life — including and especially our laundry.

New information continues to emerge about the harmful coronavirus, and one of the things we’ve learned is that it can even be spread in unexpected ways — surviving on the shoes of our shoes or in fabrics and fibres on our clothing. There’s still much to learn about how this virus is spread but taking any precaution necessary is a wise move, such as with your laundry. After all, it’s the health and safety of your customers, patients, or family on the line.

Put your customer’s health in good hands

As a laundromat owner or owner of a business with on-premises laundry, choosing to outfit your laundry operations with equipment that can fully sanitize is crucial, especially during a global pandemic. Opting to outfit your laundry premises with a brand like Electrolux Professional tells your community that you care about their safety and health. Why? Because when it comes to sanitization, Electrolux Professional is unmatched. As the only commercial laundry washers and dryers in North America to be HACCP-certified, meaning equipment authorized for infection control, you know you’re putting people in good hands. Our Electrolux Professional engineers have long considered the importance of clean laundry, and that’s why they have installed a sanitizing rinse feature with every piece of commercial laundry equipment.

What is the sanitizing rinse feature?

Introduced in 2012, the sanitizing rinse cycle is an exclusive feature to Electrolux Professional washers. This cycle was initially invented for laundromat owners who expressed concern over the fact that germs could be spread from one customer’s load of laundry to the next. The Electrolux Professional engineering team heard these concerns and decided to create what’s now the sanitizing rinse cycle.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Before inserting your clothes into the machine, customers simply turn the dial on the washer to the Sanitizing Rinse cycle setting.
  2. Once the washing machine door is tightly sealed and locked, the customer then has the option to add detergent or bleach into the soap dispenser if they choose to.
  3. The sanitizing rinse cycle heats the water to an extremely hot temperature that can kill 99.9% of lingering germs and microorganisms in the drum.
  4. The cycle lasts only for a few minutes and once it’s over, the machine is fully disinfected.

Should I charge for the sanitizing rinse?

The decision to charge for use of the extra cycle is entirely yours to make. Though some laundromat owners consider the cost of the extra water, others have been choosing to offer this feature for free of charge as it promotes the safety and health of the community.

Why your standard wash may not be enough

Businesses like nursing homes and other health care facilities understand how necessary clean linens can be when their patients’ lives are at stake. The sanitizing rinse cycle is just one example of how your business can do better for the people you’re caring for.

Unfortunately, too many businesses are putting their trust in laundry equipment that cannot deliver on safety. For example, most residential grade machines don’t deliver hot enough water. In a study on the effects of hot water on fighting bacteria and viruses, the World Health Organization discovered that most germs become inert at 140°F but at a temperature of 158°F — which is approximately as hot as the sanitizing rinse cycle gets — 99.99% of harmful pathogens are removed in less than a minute.

Extra clean, extra sanitized for extra safety

Laundromat owners, your customers depend on your commercial laundry equipment for its high-quality, professional cleaning. They trust in your equipment’s power and ability to fully deep clean and sanitize. In return, there are other things you can do to help promote a safer, cleaner laundry environment.

  1. Detergents containing bleach are strongly recommended, as they go beyond just cleaning garments but meticulously remove germs and bacteria too.
  2. Encourage patrons to wear rubber gloves when handling their laundry and your equipment.
  3. Wipe down high-contact surfaces regularly with disinfectant sprays or wipes.
  4. Maintain physical distancing.

When health comes first

Earlier this year, the world experienced sweeping changes that had a deep impact on everyone. Now, we need to look ahead and consider all the ways — no matter how big or small — that we can help our families and communities stay healthy. A small step such as choosing to outfit your laundry operations with a sanitizing rinse cycle feature shows your community that you care.

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