Machine Logging

This feature helps to ease users to track and record of their machines’ issues and maintenance. Red box: Select a desired outlet. Green box: Select a desired machine to review its issues and maintenances record in following section. Purple box: Select machine issues or maintenance work record of the selected machine. Orange box: Add a […]


Users able to download any reports from this feature. Select a year to download the reports of the selected year. Figure 1: The Navigation of Reports. List of Outlets In Figure 2, red box indicates the selection of month and outlet to download the reports. In Figure 3, orange box is the title and the […]

Chemical Monitoring

This feature allows users to monitor the outlet’s detergent and softener level in real time. Select an outlet and a year to monitor the detergent and softener level of the selected outlet in real time. Real Time Chemical Liquid Level After selecting an outlet from the navigation tab, detergent (left) and softener (right) level of […]

Sales Performance

The sales performance cane be reviewed in annuals and months. Users able to select the specific year for viewing annual total sales. A monthly sales box is prompted to allow users select the specific month of year to view monthly total sales. Related term Annual Total Sales Monthly Total Sales

Remote Activation

This feature allows users to remotely control and make payment for washer, dryer and vending machine. Select an outlet for remotely controlling a machine from the selected outlet. Figure 1: The Navigation of Remote Activation.  Machine Selection There are 3 lists of machines which are washer, dryer and vending, these lists show the current mode and […]

Machine Utilization

This feature allows Laundro’s user to review the run time of washer and dryer machines and different temperature preference for running. The summary of machine utilization can be reviewed in annuals and months. After selecting monthly utilization, a box is prompted to allow users select the specific month and year to review monthly machine utilization […]

Features’ List and Navigation

Once logging in account successfully, the left side of the web browser always shows a navigation tab to navigate users to access certain feature or page such as below, (click the numbered items to read.) Dashboard. Sales Performance. Machine Utilization. Remote Activation. Chemical Monitoring. Reports. Others. (Price Settings and Adjustments, Machine CutOff, Inventory and Machine […]


Once logging in account successfully, the summary dashboard will be shown as default and a brief summary of your laundry outlet such as, Outlet Server Activity. The status of activity, earning and operated hours in specific outlet during the current year. Machine Performance. The numbers of idle, running and offline machines. Total Annual Earning. The […]